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If you’re experiencing anxiety, depression, or grief, or if you are having thoughts of suicide, then call, text, or chat 988.

We won’t judge. We are here to talk through life’s struggles, support your safety, talk through ways to cope, and connect you to resources.

The SC 988 Lifeline is a FREE and confidential service designed to assist people in crisis. There are three ways to contact us for immediate help—call, text, or chat. Whether you’re having an emergency right now, or just want to talk about something on your mind, we’re here for you.

Call 988

Speak directly to one of our caring and compassionate team members who are there for you during life’s struggles.

Text 988

Send a text from your phone to start a real-time conversation with a live person standing by to assist you.

Chat Now

Connect online with a real person who wants to hear your story and provide support.

Our Mission

MHAGC & The South Carolina 988 Lifeline

Mental Health America of Greenville County (MHAGC) is a South Carolina-based non-profit organization on a mission to positively impact mental health through advocacy, awareness, and service.

As part of our mission, MHAGC operates the only 988 Lifeline in SC. MHAGC began its CRISISline in 1990 and became a member of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline in 2007.

What To Expect When You Contact The SC 988 Lifeline

If you call 988, you’ll hear a brief automated greeting, and then you’ll hear a little music playing while we connect you to a skilled, trained crisis counselor. If you text or chat 988, you will be asked to complete a short survey to tell the crisis counselor about your situation, and then the counselor will reply to your message.

Once you are connected, the counselor will listen to you, work to understand what you are experiencing, provide support, collaborate with you on ways to feel better, and connect you with any needed help or resources. 

Don’t Wait. Call 988.

Free & Confidential Support

We provide free and confidential assistance to people in crisis—for any reason, at any time—24 hours a day. Our trained crisis counselors offer non-judgmental support and comfort to anyone struggling.

Highly Trained Staff

Crisis workers receive extensive training that is certified by the American Association of Suicidology. Our diverse team focuses on engagement and empowerment to support you.

Here To Listen

We know that in life there are enough people telling you what to do and how to feel. We aren’t one of them. We’re here to give you the time and space to talk through your struggles.

A Safe Space

SC 988 Lifeline is a safe place to talk about suicide. Your safety is important to us. Together we will work through those suicidal thoughts, collaborate on a plan to keep you safe, and provide resources.


Visit our Resources page to discover other local mental health resources that may be able to help you or your loved one.

Frequently-Asked Questions

View our FAQ page for more information.

What is mental health?

Mental health refers to your overall sense of emotional and psychological well-being, and describes how your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors influence your abilities to handle stress, form relationships with others, and make decisions.

What causes mental health issues?

Many factors can affect your sense of well-being, including stressful situations, emotional loss and grief, inherited genetic traits, or even an imbalance in your brain chemistry. Many mental health issues develop over time and may go undetected until a crisis situation occurs.

What do I do if I am suffering from a mental health issue?

Try talking to a loved one such as a friend or family member, or seek out professional help to discuss your thoughts and emotions. If you’re feeling desperate, lost, or have no one else to turn to, you can always call, text, or chat 988 to connect immediately with someone who will listen to you without judgment and help you sort things out.

What is 988?

The SC 988 Lifeline is the starting point of a crisis care response that begins with you contacting 988 by phone, text, or chat. We’re here to assist you in an emergency situation, and then—once you’re safe and stable—we can quickly refer you to responders or other local resources who can help you deal with your situation.

Do I have to be suicidal to call 988?

Not at all. The trained team members of the SC 988 Lifeline are standing by to take calls from anyone who needs to talk through an emotional crisis or discuss concerns about their mental health condition.

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